2010 Pinot Gris ‘Orange’ Wine

Jeff Huntington, ‘Torera’, © 2009. Oil on canvas. 40” x 26”

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BOE’s Orange Pinot Gris is a distinctive wine made in a classic Italian style. Through on-skin maceration the wine is imbued with a rich amber/copper color and complex avors. This wine offers a rich experience, with a heady palate of pear, nuts, subtle baking spices, orange pith, orange lollypop, and earl grey tea, all changing in the glass as you drink it. Its complex structure benefits from decanting and a temperature slightly warmer than normal for a standard white.



Pork, robust fish, pasta with white sauce, melon with figs and prosciutto, and ash-rind or medium-bodied cheeses.


Grape Varietals

100% Pinot Gris



Finger Lakes (Seneca Lake), NY



Small batch production. Grapes were destemmed and crushed, then fermented in a bin with skins and seeds. After fermentation, the wine macerated on the skins for another four weeks before pressing. The wine was then transferred to two neutral oak barrels and a stainless steel barrel for maturation. The Pinot Gris was racked and returned to barrel twice to promote an even aging profile throughout the lot. Bottling occurred after 8 months in barrel.



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