2008 Motley Cru

Jeremy Wagner, ‘These Colors Don’t Run…But They Can Fade’,

30” x 40”, Enamel, Oil Paint on Birch Panel, © 2007

Retail Price

$24.99  (suggested)



This silky, velvety red exhibits a savory nose with hints of olive, and continues to a core of juicy cherry fruit and spice on the palate. Round and soft with great acidity and fine tannins, it is very much a Rhone-like wine, with a medium body and the texture of a robust Pinot Noir.  Petit Verdot provides a robust structure, an inky purple color, and powerful blackberry and black pepper notes, forming the foundation this complex wine. Cabernet Sauvignon lends red-fruited body, Syrah provides nessed spice, and Merlot rounds and softens the palate.

Truly a New York “cult” wine, Brooklyn Oenology’s Motley Cru is inspired by the face of Brooklyn – complex, with fantastic variety!



Structured, yet soft and silky, Motley Cru has Pinot Noir-like versatility. Stews, roasts, lamb, duck, and game, seared tuna or even a hearty salade Niçoise all go nicely, as do medium-hard and bleu-veined cheeses. Its multidimensionality makes French, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or even Indian cuisines all great matches! Truly one of a kind, you can have fun with this special red.


Grape Varietals

40% Petit Verdot, 37% Cabernet Sauvignon,18% Syrah, and 5% Merlot



North Fork of Long Island



Each of the separate lots were fermented separately in stainless steel, then brought together in a combination of mostly French, and a few Hungarian Oak barrels for maturing.



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