2005 Merlot

Silver Medal Winner – 2008 New York Wine & Food Classic

Retail price ~ $27

BOE 2005 Merlot

Available only at the BOE Tasting Room

You’re gonna be even more excited about our Merlot, now that it has been re-released for the BOE Tasting Room opening after a year of maturing in storage. It’s drinking so beautifully right now! It’s also a classical wine, steering a little away from the New World super-fruit style, and towards a Bordeaux, but for a much friendlier price! This is the partner to the 2005 Chardonnay as one of BOE’s first releases.

A wonderful deep ruby-maroon color, this Merlot has a truly inviting nose, drawing you in with dark berry fruits, quiet oak, and a little bramble. It’s not too heavy, so it’s a robust companion for a meal, while also wonderful as a thoughtful glass for either contemplation or just a good drink. This is a wine that’s truly easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Full, layered un-sweet fruits of blackberry, dark cherry, and some raspberry, along with mocha, toasty elegant oak, ripe tannins, and velvety mouthfeel make this a versatile wine.

This vintage is 95% Merlot and 5% Petit Verdot, added for a little extra “zip”, depth, and color. It was all aged in two-year-old oak, so it’s delicately woven into the palate, and you’re not chewing on a two-by-four. After bottling, the wine was held for aging until release for sale. (360 cases made)

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