David Goldin

BOE 2006 Merlot

New View from Brooklyn

David Goldin’s primary goal as an artist is to capture and portray the very essence of humanity. Born in 1979 in Queens, New York to a Ukrainian Mother and Russian Father, David spent his childhood years “victim” to his parents’ determination that he should and would experience everything their new home had to offer, particularly those advantages not attainable in the former Soviet Union.

New York City’s allure was the perfect breeding ground for the cultivation of a young artist’s mind and spirit. David’s affinity for artistic expression became apparent at the age of nine when he became a Little Show Finalist in the 11th Annual Students Art Festival sponsored by WNET/Thirteen. He has been laboring at his love for visual expression consistently ever since.

Today you most often find David in his Brooklyn Studio where he meticulously knifes away at his canvases, which take anywhere from one week to an entire year to complete. Knifing, a technique he taught himself and tirelessly masters, is one that uses variously sized artist’s knives as tools to construct layer upon layer of vivid oil paint, producing a texturally mesmerizing canvas. The resulting depth and shadowing beckons to the viewer, engaging one completely by the life infused into items most commonly perceived as inorganic. Thematically Goldin attempts to decipher why as a civilization we have made the choices we have, and how each of these choices deals with our relationship to the world and the relative space we occupy.

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