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P.C. Turczyn

BOE 2011 Social Club Red


P.C. Turczyn, ‘Resonance’, © 2008.

Mixed media on wood. 36″ x 48″


P.C.Turczyn’s award winning artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums, galleries and cultural centers, including the Chelsea Art Museum, New York City, Metropolitan Museum and Art Center in Coral Gables, Florida; the Museum for Textiles in Toronto; The Art Complex of Tokyo in Japan, the Muskegon Museum of Art in Muskegon, Michigan; the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York; New York Open Center in New York City; Miriam Pearlman Gallery in Chicago; the Midland Arts Council in Midland, Michigan; Seed Gallery in Newark, NJ, InFUSION Gallery in Brooklyn, NY: The Bowery Poetry Club in New York City, and the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. In addition, her paintings are in private and corporate collections including those of P.Kaufmann, Inc., in New York City and ACMAT in New Britain, Connecticut.

Artist statement

Ancient teachings and quantum theory teach us that the universe is comprised of vibrations consisting of light, sound and information.  I believe that everything carries a unique identifying vibration, somewhat like a genetic code.  By using sacred geometry as expressed in nature, light, color, rhythm, sound and intention, I imbue my paintings with vibratory codes to inspire viewers.  Icons emerge from meditations, dreams and synchronicity related to a metaphysical theme.

The Infinite Qualities series of floral mandalas came about in answer to two questions: “How can my work benefit the greatest number of people?” and “How can visual art support the healing process?”  The circular, mandalic format represents integrity, interconnection and perfection.  Each mandala conveys a quality essential to wellbeing: hope, vitality, compassion, unconditional love and creativity, among others. The mandalas are floral because initial Evidence Based Design research indicates that nature motifs have the greatest benefit for hospital patients. Sacred Geometry overlays reveal the order and balance found in nature, a source of comfort and inspiration.

Some function as a visual aides for medical and healing professionals to be more effective while they work.  To test this, a diverse group of Reiki practitioners used my Reiki mandala and then answered survey questions.  Most respondents felt hanging the mandala in their treatment rooms provided a supportive atmosphere and that working with it enhanced their practice. They reported feeling calm and peaceful, the antithesis of  stressed.

 The mandalas can, also, provide a focal point to accompany meditation, prayer or contemplation.  Working with a mandala enables the meditator to bypass the verbal centers of the brain, allowing direct access to peace.

Originals for the Infinite Qualities print series are 24” x 24” gouache paintings on watercolor paper. Museum quality prints are available with or without hand applied metal leaf and come in three sizes: 24”, 12” and 7.25”.

InfiniteVitality.Turczyn  InfiniteCompassion.Turczyn  InfiniteCreativity.Turczyn  Resonance.TurczynInfiniteHope.Turczyn  koru.growth.patterns

Gilded paintings are built with numerous layers of resin interspersed with gold leaf, pigments, powdered bronze, mica, mother-of-pearl or abalone.



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