Chris Smith

BOE 2009 Cabernet Franc Rose


“No Parking for Racers” © 2007

Painting on old road sign.


Chris Smith aka “subtexture” is a Brooklyn-based pop-media designer
who specializes in developing visual solutions for clients in the fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle industries. He is also an accomplished illustrator and visual artist who utilizes a wide range of media in his work including: collage, painting, letterpress printing, and digital imaging. He also hosts events that showcase his influences and display the results of his experimentations with materials and other artists.
He received a BFA in illustration from Pratt Institute in 1988 and resides in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. His slotcar racing events have been talked about on WGSN, the trend-casting Web site and in Nylon magazine;his t-shirts have been sold at hipster boutiques in New York
and Brooklyn; and his illustration skills have been employed by Sportswear International, The Source, Dollhouse Clothing, the Knitting Factory, and a number of independent record labels.His art box
designs are from his latest project, called “The Highways of US”, which is based on his love of cross-country road trips.

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