BOE 2010 Cabernet Franc Rose


‘Another Whirlwind Romance’, © 2010

Acrylic on canvas. 24” x 24”


Fueled by a creative and curious imagination since his childhood in Queens, NY, artist See One’s energetic work draws on cartoons, comic books and 1980’s era New York graffiti.  Self trained in traditional and digital artistic techniques, See One’s capacity has expanded into proficiency with acrylics, watercolor, spray paint, markers and other medium.  In 2009 See One’s energetic style found a new format when he developed a painting style he calls ‘Shards,’ with fluid, transforming, colorful, jagged patterns inspired by shards of broken glass.  Abstract in nature and reminiscent of graffiti letterforms, ‘Shards’ represents a complete departure from his prior comic-style illustrations. In addition to freelancing, commissioned paintings and murals, See One is a professional illustrator, painter and graphic artist working in New York.

© 2014 Brooklyn Oenology Winery