Margeaux Walter

BOE 2010 Sauvignon Blanc


‘Sunday Afternoon’ © 2010

Digital C-print, 40” x 60”


I like to watch people – their interactions, motions, gestures and expressions.  The more I watch, the more I am convinced that, in our present-day society, no one is ever doing nothing.  People share a “public” space, but are usually distracted by their own devices, be it a cell phone, iPod, or game console.  Don’t we all crave human contact?  We hide from each other, yet seek connection at the same time.  I am inspired by these kinds of natural human contradictions.

I am drawn to photography and digital media because it allows me to combine reality with fantasy.  Recently I have been working with lenticulars – a photographic method that allows me to compress multiple images into one plane, creating the effect of isolated motion and interaction.  The scenarios I stage reveal my love-hate relationship with the very technology that enables me to create my art.  I assume the role of each character by building costumes, donning makeup and wigs, and transforming into a new personality.

Whether I am exploring the changing ideals of family and community, or how we interact in crowds, my work is both created with a sense of humor, and with a yearning to hold onto physical human interaction in a technologically advancing society.  Maybe it will inspire some viewers to spend a little more time with their friends and families…without their BlackBerry’s.


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