Rene Lynch

BOE 2011 Cabernet Franc Rose


‘The Secret Life of the Forest (In The Moist Wood)’, © 2008.

Oil on canvas. 48” x 60”


As in the words of Andre Breton; “like a ribbon wrapped around a bomb”, I attempt to both seduce and startle the viewer.

My paintings aim to define an illusory truth about women’s lives; from the secret games of childhood, through the inherent challenges of coming of age… when innocence is awakening to experience during adolescence, and on into adulthood’s twin female attributes; sensitivity and power. My imagery is an invitation into a secret space of transition. I’m aiming for a universal and archetypal shock of recognition, that while obliquely referencing art history and fairy tales, articulates our contemporary moment and sensibility. The girls and women in my paintings are frequently depicted in Nature amidst flowers, gardens, expansive skies and forests. These environments of untrammeled nature… sometimes idyllic, sometimes dark with an otherworldliness to the light around the edges, are meant to evoke an unconscious state. The animal companions to the girls and women function symbolically as guardians or avatars and are a reference to the psychologically mysterious and wild aspects of female nature… the individual’s savage, reckless and extravagant traits untamed, and like animals, the instincts honed and sharp. There is a certain honesty and power when instinctive nature is ascendant and its raw emotions and untapped desires are on the surface.

My images are not intended to be specific narratives, but instead, open a window to a magic reality allowing an open ended and associative response. My paintings are created, over a period of intuitive trial and experiment. Constructed by first holding studio modeling sessions, and culling the internet and media for additional image sources, I create dozens of collaged scenarios, leading to the final distilled and film like images. Though I paint in a realistic style, my work is not photo-realistic… my paintings never lose their sense of material and I hope to reward the close viewer with the pleasure of the painterly and abstract gesture of my brush work. Ultimately I intend to evoke the heightened awareness of a dream world and a connectedness to all of life’s hidden mysteries.

- Rene Lynch, 2012

© 2014 Brooklyn Oenology Winery