Jeremy Wagner

BOE 2008 Motley Cru


Jeremy Wagner,  ‘These Colors Don’t Run…But They Can Fade’, © 2007.  Enamel, Oil Paint, on Birch Panel.  30″ x 40″


Jeremy Wagner is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He was born in 1978. Wagner earned a BFA in printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design and subsequently attended Hunter College’s graduate program, where he received an MFA in painting. Wagner’s work combines his training in both concentrations, facilitating a unique approach to painting. Often working directly on steel surface and using non-traditional mediums, he embodies his appreciation for architecture and nature with a keen eye for detail.


Wagner’s work can be found in a myriad of significant private collections both in the United States and abroad. Recent  exhibitions include “Serenity Now” Milavec Hakimi Gallery, New York; “Persistence of Painting” Sloan Fine Art, New York; “Wow Factor” Sara Nightingale Gallery, Watermill New York, and numerous exhibitions at Galerie Zidoun  in Paris and Luxembourg.

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